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Human resources drive your company.
Who’s at the wheel, and do they need help? 

Human resources drive your company. Who’s at the wheel, and do they need help? 

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Count on us to help assess and resolve your recruiting and other HR challenges as needed.

Flexible HR solutions

Simple or complex, our managed solutions are tailored for any industry, situation and budget.

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Create an amazing workplace

Solve challenges, elevate your team, and create a winning culture with impactful HR solutions aligned with your company’s situation, goals and budget. 

HR solutions

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Streamline your hiring process and find the best prospects.

Managed HR services

Streamline your HR functions processes, and tools.

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Become the leader your team needs

Our done-for-you services are matched to your needs and tailored into flexible mandates that are not only designed to solve and leverage your HR issues, but also to help you become the best leader you can be.

Unlock leadership potential

Improve your management style, foster excellence, and lead a more skilled, committed & empowered team.

Become an employer of choice

Build a positive reputation and gain a competitive edge when attracting top talent in your sector and local area.

Enhance work-life balance

Enjoy the benefits and time savings of streamlined HR, allowing you to focus more on your core business, personal well-being, and family time.

Build a foundation for scale

Strengthen and elevate your team as you discover new capacity and opportunities for continuous improvement, and operational growth.

Partners in HR success

Unlock team culture and performance with ASCEND’s fully-managed services designed to help you streamline your HR challenges while capitalizing on opportunities.

With decades of experience in entrepreneurship and business consultancy, our team’s hands-on approach and empathetic insight will empower you to achieve the transformative results you seek. 


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"Charline has been a key part of the growth and success of our business."

Ben Johnson
Business Development Manager

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Frequently asked questions

Mandates are flexible (short or long term) and tailored to your company’s unique market, area, situation, opportunities, and of course, budget. Book a clarity call today for more information.

Yes. There are some funding programs available depending on the needs of your business.

Depending on the solution, we’ll set you up with all the right processes and tools required for success.

Yes. We can help you implement DEI into your HR practices.

We are based out of Sout-East New Brunswick, but are happy to accommodate clients throughout Atlantic Canada and beyond 🙂

Depending on the mandate, you could start to see various levels of improvements (in morale, performance, communication, recruitment, management, etc) in a matter of days, but results are typically seen within the first 2-3 weeks.

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